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We've moved! Our web page is now purdue.pl

This is the home page for the Purdue University chapter of Perl Mongers. Perl is a general purpose computer programming language. Membership in our Perl Users Group is free and open to anyone. If you have questions about the organization or about this wiki—including the password if you want to change anything—contact DaveJacoby.


Perl is a high-level general-purpose, dynamic programming language, widely used in fields such as web development, system administration, network programming and bioinformatics. For more information about the Perl programming language, you may want to look at perl.org, perl.com, cpan.org (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network), Modern Perl, the Effective Perler, Perl Buzz, or blogs.perl.org. For tutorial information, try Gabor Szabo's Perl Tutorial, or come ask us.

Purdue Perl Mongers is partnering with the , Greater Lafayette Open Source Symposium (GLOSSY) in an attempt to open more connections to the developer community in the area.


Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 5:30pm in Purdue EE 317 (map). Please RSVP. Beginning at 7:30pm there is Open Source Food and Beer and Chat at Lafayette Brewing Company (map).

Our agenda includes:

After some time of experimenting with meeting at the MatchBox, we're going back to campus! We're meeting in EE 317 on Purdue's campus, across Northwestern Avenue from the Northwestern Garage. Afterwards, we'll go to Lafayette Brewing Company in Downtown Lafayette for HackLafayette Open Source Food & Beer & Chat.


We now have a Google+ Community.

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